Commandant-General Izzac Itzhak

Ayala's former Commanding Officer, UN big wig, "former" israeli cover up mastermind


The man who has been recently credited for bringing a powerful wave of strictly enforced paranoia to the Zou first contact mission. Former intelligence head of the Israeli government agency the Aman Mossad. You have him to thank for the Androids and their all too literal programing.


Part of an interview between Ayala Subeta and himself.

“No dead extra extraterrestrials” Barked Commandant-General Itzhak, in an attempt to get Commander Subeta’s attention. She always seemed to be ignoring him when they met alone in person, if she wasn’t who she was he’d have fixed this little annoyance years ago. He decided earlier to try and play nice with the mad woman but she was going to once again make it hard on him. She Turned slightly in her utilitarian chair and looked at him for the first time since he gave her the dossier. With a slight smile on her face she remembered the time they had a very similar conversation for the first time twenty years ago, and the dozens of times they had the same conversation since. He let out the breath he didn’t realize he was holding in as she suddenly sat forward twisting the chair at an odd angle. The Commandant looked down cringed as he noticed her Gun-metal black hand was squeezing the armrest of his interview chair molding the white plastic around her inhuman looking sharp finger tips.

“No dead civilians, right Commandant?” The Commandant just gave a very unprofessional shrug and waited to see how she’d take it. “If I didn’t know you better I’d swear you were telling a joke General Itzhak.” She didn’t look like she was enjoying the joke at all. “Message loud and clear” Subeta said shuffling around in her chair in order to put it back to its zen 45 degree angle in relation to the Commandant’s desk. “When they look back on this mission you don’t want anyone they find dead to look like anything like a civilian after the fact.” After lining the chair up with subtle precision she quickly stood and lightly sat in the undamaged chair.

“Something along those lines Commander Subeta” ignoring her obnoxious candor as he always did. “Personally I find the UN’s Stance on ET3 as unrealistic as it is optimistic, but its a hard line. Whoever they are no Extraterrestrials are to be harmed…” he paused as he let the impossibility of this set in. She smiled as he knew she would; he would be happy to finally see this woman off this planet. With any hope it would be for good, he just prayed if she did come back she wouldn’t come back with a horde of world burning death. “…I’m confident you’re the best the Earth has to offer on a task of this importance” He said surprising himself with the horrible honesty of the statement.

Commandant-General Izzac Itzhak

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