Daisuke Aramaki (JPN)

Engineering lead of the Military branch. Old man by astronaut standards. Radio call sign: Goku


Has an obsessive interest in acquiring and using ET tech. Quick thinking but not particularly focused, wants to think out loud at you and has never found a need to know if you’re paying attention. Into the “Classics” of media like DBZ, Blink 183 and the re-re-re-reboot of “American Gladiators in 0g”. Designed his hair to be like some obscure anime character from the ancient past.


Oldest member of Ayala Subeta’s former Aman Mossad squad. Now owns a company that builds what he used to pilot Tachikoma Tech. Has a personal need to stay ahead of his competitors back home but knows his son will carry on if necessary. Considers this mission an amazing retirement he might not come back from.

Has the most advance power armor on the ship baring one.

Daisuke Aramaki (JPN)

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