The Consuming Terror


Eldritch Abomination A1: escaped from a room, missing an “arm”. Fought Ayala. Dead

Tilly2: Dead.

Tomatoes: locked in a tank in the machine room. Also in every one of the other facilities but E.

Powdered Food: I’ve got no idea how this happened. All containers we know of are under guard.

“Reptiles”: not confirmed, inhabitants of section B.

A small but increasingly growing pile of corpse debris. We set these on fire now.


They appear to inhabit/infect intelligent life in order to infiltrate and eliminate it. Physic as fuck, effective against at least 3 alien races. Shuts down AI, ignores VI, apparently also ignores the Maurian AI 2.0 such as Jeeves. No one believes this.

Programable Play-dough that is solid set after metapod stage.

Human Kill Count: 5

Zao Kill Count: 1


Special Circumstances projacobk RoseWednesday