Lt. Alphonse Bateau (Frc)

Slightly larger than your average power armor pilot, also vastly smarter than all of them. Radio call sign: Trebuchet


Computing lead of the military branch, very excited to show off Earths defenses in a hope to impress someone out there in the galaxy to boost his race’s ego. Former member of Ayala Subeta‘s Aman Mossad squad. Can’t be convinced he doesn’t have a sense of humor no matter how many restraining orders are filed.


Pilots a “Sniper” like artillery power armor that has one of earths most advanced guns taking up half of its power cost. Designed by Daisuke Aramaki. As long as the pilot (to scale) can handle the G forces the Power armor can gain some serious land speed on its magnetic treads.


Lt. Alphonse Bateau (Frc)

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