1st Sgt. Jane Smith (USA)

Boring name, boring woman, not into small talk but will literally step on you to get her point across when necessary. Radio call sign: Mother Egg


Small and quiet. Will wait until meeting is over to voice her concerns. Has special hand cuffs that apply paralyzing pressure to anything with a pulse. Commands under Lt. Alphonse Bateau the “Troops” both human and android but the androids answer to her for logical reasoning queries.


Not a member of the Aman Mossad, she isn’t particularly concerned with what that means. She’s an American girl born and raised and was a leading military engineer during the re-annexation of Neo-Texas. She designed and programmed the androids we use on this mission. She respects her colleagues for their experience but is entirely confident she’s the only member of the military branch that understands the power of robotics.

Pilots the American made Mother E.G.G. (Earthforce Google Gear)


The oval slot on the front deposits E.G.G. flying drones that deploy small arms fire with advanced control from Jane inside her power armor. Everyone in the Earthforce military is aware that Google designed it to look exactly like a chicken, the military painted it green and no one talks about it.

1st Sgt. Jane Smith (USA)

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