Medical and Science Research


  • Entire known Adversary genome was mapped by Maurians, which we have access to through The Gardener
  • Very long string of genetic material with at least 100 chromosomes
  • Entire chromosomes of genome are left inactive
    *indicates that genome is highly adaptable to being programmed
    *once a “signal” is sent to a “larval” state Adversary individual, certain genes are activated, programming it into a less-plasticine “adult” form, where it is “stuck.”
  • It is still highly flexible, exhibiting traits such as polymorphism and even a prehensile nervous system (musculo-nervous system?)
  • They seem to be unable to condense into anything more solid than cartilaginous tissue at the moment: i.e: no bones or teeth. → quick confirmatory scan of personnel should be x ray for now.
  • They seem to exhibit no sexual dimorphism in their genes (no X or Y chromosome equivalents): indicates produce asexually. (plant stage with tomatoes as eggs? parasitic embryos living in plant?)
  • No sound-based communication, not even noises of pain. “Adult replicants” do not seem to be able to talk, BUT can pass unnoticed through some other means

Questions for consideration:

*What does it metabolize? Glucose equivalent? (What does it “eat”?)
*If found, can metabolic process be interrupted artificially? (can I make something that makes it “starve to death,” treat it like a tapeworm?)

*How does it receive and broadcast “signals?”
*Obviously affecting personnel:
*either repressed memories or hallucinations (Tilly’s memory of Dr. Essington as Adversary; personnel witnessing “ghosts”; another theory is it may be misinterpreted broadcast messages meant for larval or possibly also adult Adversaries, giving it orders.)
*weakened amygdala
*heightened serotonin re-uptake
*inhaled? Scented? Tasted? “Felt”?
*Brain or psychic wave broadcast?
*(Either way, uptake is likely directly into nervous system somehow for Adversary individuals themselves.)

  • Can a compound be engineered that blocks uptake? (metabolic sensors, degrade wave/pheromone compound itself?)

*Can nanobots or some other chemical compound be created to specifically target Adversary genetic material/cell membranes/metabolic processes?
*Aerosolized, injected, or ingested?

Medical and Science Research

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