Military Branch

Military Liason
Commander Ayala Subeta

  • Chuck ( android)
  • Earthforce Google personal hover drone computer named NA-VI

Second in command
Lt. Alphonse Bateau

  • Michelle Rodriguez, Air support, second best pilot and computer expert. Speaks a little Zao. Is being trained to pilot the Zao shuttle.
  • Paul Stewart, data analyst, Earthforce Google Employee of the decade. Military historian and the only person on the military team truly focused on writing things down.

Third in command
1st Sgt. Jane Smith

  • Earth’s finest C+ to D- space marines, 6 of them all decked out in the best common grade practical tactical armor we felt like showing off. All of them have been through the best training Commandant-General Izzac Itzhak could think of. They were trained in a kind of acrobatic display for the Zao and most are glad they don’t have to do it.
  • Micheal Jordan – was nearly infected, is better now DEAD
  • Carmelo Anthony DEAD
  • Lebron James DEAD
  • Tim Duncan DEAD
  • Blake Griffin DEAD
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar DEAD

Fourth in command
Daisuke Aramaki

  • Hakuho Sho – engineering lead under Daisuke, plasma weapons expert.
  • Team of 5 space mechanics, engineers and forklift programmers. Daisuke’s top men from his company.
  • one very damaged space Mechanic. Bette Midler.

Androids and Probes

  • Chuck – Russian accent, virtually impossible to break. Completely no sense of humor. Belongs to Ayala. DEAD
  • Table – Belongs to Dr. Laura Essington. Not repainted or reprogrammed in any way. First android to make contact with the Adversary.
  • Fabio DEAD
  • Lucky Bullet – Belongs to Tilly
  • Amadaus DEAD

The androids have been reprogrammed by smith to stop the kidnapping and be more active in the worm stomping initiative. They’re still attached to their hosts.

3 multipurpose military grade utility Probes that survive anything up to lava.
ProbeDroid-TSWA.jpg Dead

Military Branch

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