The Plan

1 Do not let the infection spread.

Scan everyone – look for lack of bones
medical staff has assigned patients.
freeze out all other buildings
weaponize all humans

2 Kill the infected (possibly infected AI).

Kill all tomatoes
talk to AI Facility Core
Create class 3 AI (possibly the exact opposite of this)
vivisect Tilly 2 Learned its made of cartilage and organ worms
submarine investigation
catch A1 in cat trap
find juicy mass bait to blow up
wake up Eliza

3 Stay sane.

Nathaniel B. Hart Memorial fun zone – 15 musicologist staff
security check point lvl 1
air lock/barracks lvl 2
look for enlarged amygdala in depressed or suicidal people


Kill ourselves?
build spaceship
Sea land feat. Queen Tilly
find the deus ex wormhole that dropped us here in the first place.
send info back to earth
Eliminate any possibility the infection getting to Earth while getting back to earth ourselves.
Turn us into robots

The Plan

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