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Date: 2140

In 2136, the Zou made first contact with the people of Earth. After determining the aliens really did “come in peace,” humankind wisely chose the path of knowledge and friendship. However, the Zou did not come alone. While classified to the general public, the Zou are at war with a mysterious race known to the Zou as the “Consuming Terror” and officially designated here on Earth as Uncontacted Extra-terrestrial 0003, or ET3. Despite the assumed danger posed by ET3, the UN Council on interplanetary politics and the UN Commission for extra-terrestrial scientific joint research have sponsored a scientific mission. A team of researchers will be led to do a comprehensive study of Zou technological capabilities, art, and culture on the nearest Zou planet in the _____ arm of the milky way. This letter is your invitation to participate in that mission.

Should you accept, you will leave the Earth behind for many years, while your letters home help propel the human race forward into the next age in human history. The commission humbly awaits your favorable response.

Laurence Brock PHD
Representative UNCIPP, UNCETSCR

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Main Page

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